Negative BP Reporting

Please prepare your report with experimental evidence following the given template.

We genuinely require all submitters to take responsibility for the submitted data.

The submitters should be aware of that the collected results will be analyzed for future research, if we receive enough.

This platform is for investigators to submit their tested BP variants that do not display aberrant splicing. The lessons learnt from negative data will feed back valuable input to our understanding of functional BP, mutational consequences, and cell-type specificity. We believe that these efforts in BP genetics studies should not be wasted. These data will be periodically collated and analyzed, and the analysis report will be made available on our website and as a preprint, with all contributing researchers acknowledged as members of the BPHunter Effort Group.

Please name your report as: “BPHunter_Neg_Rep_MM_DD_YYYY_LASTNAME.docx”, where “MM_DD_YYYY” is the date.
Attach your report into the automatically generated Email, after clicking SUBMIT.
If your browser does not automatically prompt a submission Email, please directly send us your report to