Feb 2023:

BPHunter official version-2 was released, with an additional program for processing VCF files in batch, and an additional output parameter 'BPHunter_HIGHRISK' (YES/NO) for labelling more promising candidate variants.

Oct 2022:

Our paper "Genome-wide detection of human variants that disrupt intronic branchpoints" that introduces BPHunter was published in PNAS.

Aug 2022:

BPHunter official version-1 was released.

Nov-Dec 2021:

A somatic intronic deletion of ITPKB was detected to remove all three BP sites in a lymphoma patient, and experimentally validated.

Jun 2021:

BPHunter webserver & github was launched.

Jan-Feb 2021:

A germline BP variant of STAT2 was detected from a patient with critical COVID-19, and experimentally validated.

Dec 2020:

BPHunter prototype was completed.

Aug 2020:

BPHunter idea was conceived.